Loose Skin

(Section 3)

Case 11


ThermiVa Over 2 Years


ThermiVa Over 2 Years


Before ThermiVa Max Valsalva


After  ThermiVa Max Valsalva


After ThermiVa Max Valsalva


After ThermiVa Max Valsalva


Transanal  Treatment


Transvaginal Treatment

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ThermiVa RF is FDA cleared for dermatological and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis.

ThermiVa has FDA Approval for Dermatologic Conditions, Surgery, Surgical Nerve Ablation.  Examples of dermatologic conditions include loose skin, dry skin, thin skin, insensitive skin.  ThermiVa has a CE Mark and EU Approved for Vulvovaginal Laxity or for treatment of loose tissues of the vulva and vagina.

ThermiVa does not have FDA or EU approval for incontinence or the leaky bladder or rectum, atrophy or vaginal dryness, prolapse or fallen bladder/rectum, or orgasmic dysfunction.