What Our Physician Peers are Saying

ThermiVa RF is FDA cleared for dermatological and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis. ThermiVa has FDA Approval for Dermatologic Conditions, Surgery, Surgical Nerve Ablation. Examples of dermatologic conditions include loose skin, dry skin, thin skin, insensitive skin. ThermiVa has a CE Mark and EU Approved for Vulvovaginal Laxity or for treatment of loose tissues of the vulva and vagina.
ThermiVa does not have FDA or EU approval for incontinence or the leaky bladder or rectum, atrophy or vaginal dryness, prolapse or fallen bladder/rectum, or orgasmic dysfunction.

“As a physician, I am very pleased with the ThermiVa results”

The ThermiVa patient is unique. She is seeking discretion in treating a very personal concern. Many are looking for improvement in aesthetic appearance, some desire increased sensation and lubrication, but, all desire a better sexual experience over all. What I as a physician has experience through administering ThermiVa therapy for my patients are immediate results and gratification. The tissue literally changes before my eyes. When patients return and note a remarkable difference in their look, feel, and pleasure it makes the thirty minute long one on one session absolutely worth it. It’s an exciting sense of accomplishment similar to what’s felt immediately post op. My ThermiVa patients have quoted delight from even their partners, some of which are oblivious to the fact that they are even having the treatments done. One said her partner told her “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep on doing it”. Another’s husband said she hasn’t felt that good since before she had children. I myself can tell a remarkable difference in the tightness of the probe from one session to the next, and yes I actually do remember the severity of laxity encountered at the initial visit because the change is that dramatic. I so far as a physician am very pleased with the ThermiVa results I have seen in my patients. I have turned skeptical optimists into believers and lifelong Thermi clients. I have not yet tried the entire Thermi line but with these results I will not be able to keep the patients at bay.

Soyini M. Hawkins, MD MPH

“Loving it!”

Red: Here is my experience: I have been looking for something to offer women who have vaginal laxity and don’t want or need surgery for many years. Surgery is great for severe relaxation but it does not always help with sexual function and in some cases it made things worse. My patients were getting pain with intercourse after surgery and they did not like the 6-8 weeks recovery which was often very expensive since they were missing work. Surgery was helpful for making things look better and “function”better from the man’s point of view but not so much from the woman’s point of view. I was on research mode when the Thermi rep called about Thermi-smooth and since they were in the skin tightening business I asked them about vaginal tightening. Well, they were right in the middle of developing ThermiVa, without hesitation I bought my machine and then waited. The machine was working great for the aesthetics practice but I wanted to do the ThermiVa treatments. I even signed up for the study to move it along as quickly as possible. Meeting with Red Alinsod was very helpful since he was already doing the procedures and is a great resource. Finally I got the devices for the study and we took off. We have finished treatments on our first 6 study patients and if I would not have done the cases myself and took pictures I would not believe the results. There truly is a visible difference. Everyone was “tighter” but they were also not leaking urine or passing air from their vaginas. The external opening was physically tighter and no longer gaping open. One patient said “the barn door is closed now”. Every patient has been very happy with their results and they also state that not only do they feel like things are tighter but they feel that intercourse is much more pleasurable and orgasms are better. One patient who was particularly interested in G-spot changes states that this has been a game changer for her. So in summary. I was looking for treatments that did not require surgery and long recuperation times. ThermiVA has provided a no downtime procedure that works. My patients were looking for non-invasive treatments and are thrilled with the results. Who could ask for more. I am a ThermVa believah. Loving it.


“ThermiVa is a grand slam home run.”

“ThermiVa is a grand slam home run. I have treated 8 patients and all that have come in for their second treatment are very pleased. Three have cleared their stress incontinence after one treatment. Four have had their first treatment and I have not seen them back. The procedure is very simple and there have been zero complaints. I set it for 45 degrees and treat external for 12 minutes ( 4 min each for left, right and superior ) and internal for 12 minutes ( 6 min posterior and 6 min anterior ). I doubt that the laser people can match the ease, lack ofcomplications, low cost of the equipment and complete patient satisfaction that I see.”

Don Clemons, MD, Renovus Medical Spa, Johnson City, TN

“Simple, Effective, Significant”


Our ThermiVa Testimonials

1 “Before I had hardly any sex drive. Even after one treatment I can hear a song on the radio or see something on TV and I feel the stimulation.” My husband is happy. Looking forward to my next treatment session.”

2 “I did not tell my husband that I was getting it done. But he noticed that I was initiating intimacy more often. He finally just flat out asked what was going on. He is not so grumpy now.”

3 “My issue was sweating and irritation and by the end of the day I was uncomfortable. No longer do I have such an issue but I was pleasantly surprised that sensation was enhanced.”

4 “Trying to have intercourse without using external lubrication was out of the question due to discomfort for both of us and a damper on the mood. I  have not used any since my treatment. Definite improvement.”

5 “At first I did not get the immediate ‘Wow” effect but as the days and weeks went on there was change just as my doctor said”

6 “I have notice a significant difference in my confidence with arousal, foreplay,sex since the treatment”

7 “I don’t fake it anymore…”

8 “It was tough for me to reach orgasm prior due to minimal sensation. I have multiple orgasms with sex and my husband know that first one is just a warm up. I am very tingly…like it was before the children”

9 “I came in for one concern but was pleasantly surprised that I had an improvement in other areas.”

10″Vaginal Tightening? Doc you the man” -Happy husband

Drs Dickerson summary:

Red as you know I am the aesthetic surgeon and my wife is the gynecologist and our practices are co-located in the same building. This the first entity that we can help common patients for a common goal. We do all the procedures in my MedSpa and they are performed by my RN who has a urology background. Our ThermiVa patients’ results are as consistent as advertized. We look forward to participating in this project together. Even for those patients who were considering a labiaplasty they are considering the ThermiVa due to virtually no risk. During our consultations We ask them if you the desire to improvement of either laxity? dryness? sensation? leaking? then you have the potential of improvement in all the others as well. Neither Botox, surgery, or medicaitons stimulates an “Immediate WOW response” after treatment from our patients and their partner like ThermiVa.

Drs. Edward & Andrea Dickerson

Simple, Effective, Significant


“We are getting incredible results”

We are getting incredible results. Every patient so far has only great feedback. Better sensations, tightness improved and most incredible all have completely stopped leaking after 2 treatments. Most were down to minimal leaking after the first treatment. This is better than surgery. No scarring, no loss of sensation, no pain with intercourse….. I love it.

Elizebeth Harmon, Salem Women’s Clinic