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Aesthetic TV – Feminine Rejuvenation

Video with Transcript

STUART: Welcome to Aesthetic TV. I’m Stuart Brazell coming to you live from the stage of the Aesthetic Show.
With each generation , energy-based aesthetic devices have evolved from products that are questionable in their safe application and efficacy, to extremely versatile, tunable, and exponentially more sophisticated technologies. This is especially true when it comes to radio-frequency-based systems better known as RF systems, that provide minimal or non-evasive rejuvenation effects oftentimes at the expense of patient comfort.
However, what if you could have the best of both worlds, a non-invasive RF treatment with a wide range of applications that also allow a patient to be as comfortable as possible during and after the procedure? Then you would have Thermi RF from Thermi Aesthetics, a novel platform for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, body contouring, nerve ablation, and even feminine rejuvenation.
Here to delve deeper into all of the applications of the remarkable Thermi RF platform is Dr. Red Alinsod, a urogynecologist practicing in Laguna Beach, California. Welcome to Aesthetic TV!
RED: Great to be here.
STUART: ThermiVa is the newest and in some ways the most promising aspect of the Thermi RF platform, especially when it comes to attracting new patients looking for non-invasive alternatives to feminine rejuvenation surgery. In the past, feminine rejuvenation procedures have often been complicated for doctors and painful for patients. So a breakthrough application that is virtually painless like ThermiVa is sure to become a new market trend for women. So I’d love to hear more about this. Tell me.
RED: Well, this is probably the most exciting part of my practice right now. So for over 20 years, I’ve been doing surgery for women to help tighten the vaginal canal, tighten the external labial structure so it looks more youthful. But those are all surgeries that were kind of invasive and gave you a quite long recovery, about six weeks on average. But now we’ve come up with this tiny little device that’s about the size of my finger, very small, that’s able to treat the labial and vulvar tissues and shrink it dramatically to give you a beautiful effect, and it’s also able to treat the inside of vagina to tighten the tissues. But not only that, it’s amazing its ability to improve the moisture inside the vagina for people who have dry vagina.
It’s able to help people with overactive bladder and it’s able to help people with leaky bladder, those who cough and they sneeze, and they jump, and they’re leaking. It’s able to tighten the tissues enough so that it doesn’t happen anymore. It’s quite remarkable. And the last thing, it’s probably the most amazing thing that we found out in these past couple of years since we’ve been developing this, is that those who have a difficult time achieving an orgasm, it’s able to cut the time to one-third to one-half. It’s crazy.
STUART: That will make people jump out of their seats!
RED: It’s crazy. It’s a remarkable thing that we’ve been able to discover in the past couple of years, and it’s for those who have that problem.
STUART: It’s amazing that something that small can do all of those things.
RED: I would never have believed it until I saw it myself. Patient after patient, after patient, very consistent.
STUART: So talk us through this video.
RED: Sure thing. This is the ThermiVa handpiece. It’s small. It’s shaped like my finger. It’s very tiny, and it’s able to treat the external labial tissues gently. It takes about 7 minutes to treat the external labial tissues, and in one treatment you can see shrinkage. I recommend three but you can see wonderful treatment results after one. You can treat the opening of the vagina here to shrink the area so it doesn’t look like it’s gaping. In this part, you’re treating the area where the urethra is. You’re treating the area where the urethra is. You’re treating all the way to the top of the cervix, the entire length of the vaginal canal, and even the G spot area. So it helps you sensitize these areas, shrink the tissues down, and calm the bladder also. It’s amazing what this little device can do.
STUART: That is really, really incredible. In other words, this should really appeal to most women out there since it has broad application. So what has the response from patients been after using ThermiVa?
RED: The response has been quite amazing. Every week, a patient comes in and tells us her story and we’re just blown away by her stories. It’s almost like, “Are you really telling us the truth?” It’s just that remarkable.
STUART: So, Dr., tell me about the different patients that you see.
RED: It’s a huge range of patients. You start off with a young patient who wants the treatment for her parents. For example, they want their labial structures to be tight, firm, and soft. Then you have the patients that are in their reproducing age who have had babies, but you know what, between babies and they want to have more babies, they want to be tight in between. Why not feel tighter and have a better sex life in between? And then you have your perimenopausal or menopausal ladies who are feeling dry, they’re feeling like their clothing is just uncomfortable. It’s chronically rubbing. Their skin has shrunk down. Their estrogen levels have gone down, and so they feel chronically dry. Those are great patients for treatment.
And then what about the ladies that have completed all their babies and now they’re really loose? They can’t feel their partner. They’re not feeling a natural, normal sensation. Their sex life suffers. Their self-esteem suffers because they just don’t feel anything. Those are the perfect patients for this procedure because it’s able to tighten these tissues, it’s able to improve the sensitivity, help them with achieving the goal of intimacy that they’ve been looking for.
STUART: You definitely see a wide range of women.
RED: It’s a wide range of women, from the young 20’s all the way up.
STUART: So how does the patient feel during the procedure?
RED: Well, it’s a very, very comfortable procedure. We’re heating up the labial tissues and inside the vagina to around 40 to 45 degrees so it’s a comfortable, warm feeling. It doesn’t hurt at all. There’s no anesthetic needed. And you know, to reach a blister temperature, it’s about 55 degrees? We’re nowhere there. We’ve never seen a blister, a burn, or any major – or any kind of complications with this device because it’s so safe and comfortable. It really feels like a warm massage.
STUART: And is there any competition in this market? Is anyone else doing this?
RED: No, there are no other devices that can do all these. There are laser companies there that will place a device inside the vagina and perhaps give it increased moisture, but there’s absolutely no other devices that can do everything that this little, tiny thing can do.
STUART: Well, this is such exciting technology. I have to hear, what are some of your patients’ responses?
RED: Well, like I said earlier, the responses have been outstanding. One patient I had was unable to have orgasms very easily because she had to just basically try to find the area that was sensitive. After treating with this on the external labial structures, the whole area became sensitive enough that just touching and massage of this area would get her aroused and orgasmic. She didn’t have to go and find that special spot and dig in, and all that. And so for her, it was so gratifying. The responses have been very consistent and universal. Those who have a leaky bladder stopped leaking. Those who have overactive bladder, you can reduce their symptoms in half. Those, for example, patients tell me that they used to wake up three or four times a night to empty their bladder. They never get good sleep. And now, maybe once or none. Their quality of life has improves so dramatically that they send us these letters, they send us these emails, just about every week.
STUART: Well, I daresay you have some happy patients.
RED: We do, and I’m really, really just so happy for these ladies.
STUART: Sounds like ThermiVa is a truly revolutionary non-invasive technology that’s great for feminine rejuvenation. I’d like to thank, Dr. Alinsod for joining us.
RED: Thank you very much.
STUART: For Aesthetic TV, I’m Stuart Brazell. Stay tuned and stay beautiful.